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Shepherd's Mortuary and Funeral Supplies

Mortuary, Funeral, and Embalming Supplies Ireland

What We Do

Shepherds Mortuary and Funeral Supplies is one of Ireland's leading wholesalers of Embalming Fluids, Funeral Supplies, Funeral Wear, Mortuary Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We provide first class products and services to funeral directors, embalmers, morticians, hospitals and laboratories in all 32 counties in Ireland.

We hope you find this site a useful tool in obtaining products, services and information you need.

Product Promotions

Embalming - Pressure Tank 5 Litre

This tank has been introduced as a replacement to the existing 2 lt pressure vessel, which has seen several price increases in the past and has consequently been discontinued.
The New tank can still be easily placed in your equipement case and comes with all relevant tubing.

Funeral Supplies - Prayer Lecturn

We have recently added to our range of wooden funeral home furniture, a Prayer or Lecturn Stand.

This has proven to be a very important show-piece in a modern funeral home.

Dodge Freedom Cav - Formaldehyde Free Embalming

The 1st of November 2010 will see the long awaited Irish release of the Dodge Formaldehyde-Free range of Cavity & Arterial chemicals.

Both Freedom Cav & Freedom Art have been on release in the U.S.A. for several months and have garnered a lot of interest.