Cremator Charger XL 65st(412kg)

The CremCharger XL 65st is the answer to many of the problems found within the Cremator Industry.

With its market leading lifting and charging capacity, patented 5th Wheel Drive System and patent pending Charging Device, this product not only eliminates all manual handling issues, but allows for safe, single person, unassisted operation, handling the smallest coffins to the biggest.

The trolley is compatible with all Cremators and can be customised to hit the “sweet spot”.  Options for the Charger to be locked and integrated into individual existing electronic charging control systems are also available.

The all new CremCharger XL has been designed with labour efficiency and manual handling risks in mind, allowing single user, unassisted safe operation. Aside from the substantial construction, this unit features a powerful electric power traction drive to provide both ease of movement and precise manoeuvrability even when fully loaded.

Particularly versatile in restricted space thanks to the 5th wheel drive system, the integrated traction offers a 15 km range on a single charge, enabling use not only for Charging of the Cremator, but also for effortless coffin collection from the Catafalque and transfer to racking storage solutions.  Parameters, such as speed and torque, are fully programmable and can be factory configured to suit any Crematorium Individual topography, enabling safe operation.  Finished in a durable anti-microbial powder coat finish, the stable platform is built to withstand continual use. The control panel provides battery status with intelligent charging system, incorporating forward and reverse motions fitted with safety release. The programmable digital control system and battery are fitted in a steel housing protected from water ingression. Vertical elevation is provided with a powerful hydraulic ram capable of lifting 65 stone (412kg) and extended height lift capacity is included as standard.  Sleek modern design and functionality, leaving the user free from the strain of manual handling issues.

The trolleys control systems have been designed for ease of use, with the height adjustment controlled by electronic foot pedals, drive and steering control is positioned at the end of the trolley with coffin release/charging controlled by a remote control which can be used whilst standing either side of the trolley.

The control layout is designed with safe operation in mind, ensuring charging of the coffin can only be operated once the trolley has been positioned correctly.




  • Safe working load 412kg (65 stone)
  • Patented power assisted drive
  • Patent pending powered charging system
  • Lift range 400mm – 1920mm
  • Long life battery pack
  • 7ft coffin platform
  • Durable anti microbial powder-coat finish
  • Tailored bespoke solutions