Disaster Pouches and Body Bags

A full range of Body Bags and Pouches are available to suit a wide variety of applications.

A: Disaster Pouch, EVA with U shaped zip. Size – XL (210cm x 110cm) 150 Micron. Code: 760821

B: Disaster Pouch in black. 6 handles with U shaped zip. Size – L (222cm x 100cm) 320 Micron. Code: 760823

C: Ambulance Body Pouch in white. No zip. Size – 220cm x 75cm. 100 Micron. Code: 760820

D: Avaliable in 2 options

  1. Body Bag medium weight. Size 91.4cm x 228.6cm. Sold in packs of 10. Code: 755650
  2. Body Bag heavy weight. Size91.4cm x 228.6cm. Code: 755657


Not Shown:

Disaster Pouch medium weight with centre zip. Size 220cm x 80cm. 130 Microns. Code: 760841
Infant Pouch with centre zip. Size 75cm x 50cm. 130 Microns. Code: 760837
Baby Pouch with centre zip. Size 30cm x 40cm. 130 Microns. Code 760838