Fixed Top Trolley – RTF

Stainless steel, fixed top trolley fitted with a pressed and welded, crevice free autopsy tray, welded to a rigid trolley frame, fitted with braked stainless steel castors. The tray features a 40mm radiused perimeter edge to contain fluids which are channeled to the drainage facility by an in-built gradient of 50mm. This trolley can be used in conjunction with both our single and double sink embalming stations.

The trolley is suited to a number of differing purposes, and can be easily modified to meet particular customer requirements.



  • 304 grade stainless steel constrution throughout.
  • 40mm radiused edge to contain fluids
  • 4n°, 125mm diameter braked castors
  • Fully welded constrution
  • 50mm built in fall leading to drain outlet in tray


Bariatric Option

Flat Tray