Hydraulic Embalming Trolley Fixed Handle – HETF

Designed to offer a versatile and stable platform for embalming and/or autopsy, this robust trolley offers a simple, yet effective approach to eliminating lifting within the mortuary, and allowing single person operation.

The embalming trolley, which doubles up as an embalming table, is used in the normal manner to unload the tray from the cabinet. With the handle set at a comfortable working height, the tray can be drawn over and locked onto the handle. With the tray captured, and as the trolley is depressed, the tray continues to incline until a suitable gradient is reached, or to allow connection to a drainage facility.

The trolley is particularly effective in a small or confined facilities, where space is at a premium, avoiding the need for other forms of transfer equipment.

Many users have found this trolley to be particularly beneficial for obese cases, where a specially adapted and reinforced unit, used with a wide tray, introduces the principle of a full handling system.

The standard unit is supplied as dual action manual unit, with a number of options to enhance the standard model, all of which are compatible with our refrigerated cabinets.



  • Single person operation
  • Variable tilt (Adj. handle)
  • Dual acting manual pump
  • Length – 1920mm
  • Height – 400-1660mm standard lift range
  • Rated to 180kg, 28st lift
  • Width – 580mm frame, 655mm overall (buffers)