Normors Chin Collar

Some History of the product

When Mother Teresa died in September 1997, the picture of her lying in state appeared in the media all over the world. This picture shows her lying with a collar under her chin and over her head, intended to keep her mouth closed. This, combined with our own experiences as bereaved relatives and nurses, made us start to think about an alternative way of solving this problem.


NorMors’ chin-collar is easy to install and is almost invisible once it has been put in place. In brief, NorMors’ chin-collar has the following advantages:

  • Easy to put on, can be carried out by one person
  • Not very visible
  • The face and hair are not covered and the deceased is more recognisable
  • The shape of the face remains intact, without folds in the cheeks as is the case with chin bandages
  • NorMors’ chin-collar is degradable
  • The chin-collar does not emit any waste gases when burned

NorMors’ chin-collar is a simple collar that is put around half of the deceased’s neck and supported by the collarbone. It is partly hidden by the deceased’s shirt or blouse.